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Boca & Things to Do

Boca de Tomatlán is the last stop on the coastal road from Puerto Vallarta. Travel time to Boca is 30 minutes from Puerto Vallarta. Boca is one of the traditional communities in the region, where you can get there by land and sea. This small village is known for being the departure point for water taxis that take you to other nearby secluded beaches. The beauty of nature will amaze you with the diversity of marine species and their colors.

The river that flows into the Boca Bay is known as "Horcones" and its course is modified throughout the year. During the rainy season its strength and size increases, bringing greater life to the vegetation of the area.

There are rustic family operated Palapa restaurants on the beach that extract their main ingredients from the sea. In the village, you will find small spots , and taco stands with quick meals and snacks.

Just minutes away is the Los Arcos National Marine Park, a marine ecosystem. It has great emerald colored water with clarity for superior diving and snorkeling adventure. Boca Divers specializes in unique Marine Wildlife excursions and can arrange other private water adventures.

Boca’s proud and friendly people know their land like the back of their hand. They eat what they catch and live enjoying the taste of life that Boca de Tomatlán gives them.

Here's a video featuring Boca and Villa la Sirena (filmed before our 2021 Villa la Sirena renovation)s:

Here's a video of great walk-through of the Villa courtesy of Emanuel Robles—In Spanish.

  • Exploring the secluded South Shore beaches, some only accessible by Water Taxi. Beach lovers will find absolute nirvana. Some are only accessible by Water Taxi. Pangas are just a short walk from Villa la Sirena.  Colomitos, is only 4 minutes by Panga or an easy 30 minute trek. Others past Colomitos are Las Ánimas, Quimixto, and Majahuitas, Yelapa. These beaches stand out for the turquoise waters, and the contrast caused by the lush green of the mountain.

  • Great fishing in the world known Bay of Banderas. Fishing rigged Pangas are available for inshore half day and deeper water full day excursions. Panga fishing is more affordable than typical trips out of Puerto Vallarta. Villa La Sirena can assist scheduling of Boca Panga Fishing and also sponsors surf fishing trips (day trips and multi-day camping) to Mayto Beach.

  • Easy access to the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. It offers many sights for the horticulturist, or wanna be. A great restaurant is on site. It is just East of Boca. 

  • Great Ziplining! Los Veranous Canopy has 18 zip-lines. Located near the Botanical Gardens and considered one of the best.


  • Toes-in-the-sand restaurant munching at the edge of the bay, only a short walk from Villa la Sirena. Nightlife is subdued, but fine dining can be had at LeKliff or Ocean Grill restaurants $$$$.


  • Horseback Riding, Waterfall Chasing, Hiking & ATV Adventure is close by and offers something for  everyone.

  • Local markets. We are not talking Super Markets, but they will provide all you need to fix some quick and easy meals. They have everything you need to pack that beach lunch as well.

  • Day trip to Puerto Vallarta for shopping, dining and wandering the Romantic Zone. You will get to rub shoulders with all the tourists that you avoided by staying in Boca.  Granted, PV is a fun beach town with cobblestone paved narrow roadways.  The Romantic Zone offers excellent dining and shopping.

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